Over the weekend a three month old puppy was found in a dumpster behind a local church.

The little fella suffered a traumatic eye injury. It is not known who would do this horrible thing to an innocent puppy.

UPDATE: Moses had his surgery and is on the road to recovery, he's such a sweet baby!  He'll make someone a sweet pet.

This picture is not pleasant to look it, but it just shows you the extent of how bad this puppy was hurt.

However, a Good Samaritan found the puppy and brought him to the Amarillo SPCA.

This cute fella was named Moses.

Moses will have to have surgery to remove his eye. He will then need lots of love to recover both physically and emotionally.

I don't understand what possesses a human to be so careless and heartless.  A pour innocent soul just thrown away.  I can only imagine just how scared and destroyed this little fur baby was feeling.  Thank goodness for that kind woman who found him.

The Amarillo SPCA is asking for your help in funding the surgery for Moses.

Just make sure you put in the "Add Special Instructions" that you want your donation to go towards Moses' surgery.

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