Is it really a screw up, or is it in fact the perfect description?  James Lynch of Q-13, Fox News - Seattle, is covering an ice storm when the slip up happens.  To me, he didn't mess this up, he gave us what is the perfect description!

As he and another anchor are talking about the ice storm he describes the condition of the roads, talks about how thankfully there weren't any fatalities related to the ice storm, and then talks about the tow trucks used to help remove stuck vehicles.

His words used, "there are times when only a bis ass tow truck will do", and let me tell you, it was in fact a big ass tow truck on the screen!

The funny thing about it, and I'm just spit balling here, but it sounded pre-recorded.  Like it went from a live feed, to a pre-produced segment that was done back at the TV station.  You can hear a difference in the microphone tones, the back ground noise, it's pretty obvious that it didn't happen at the spur of the moment.

My guess is, when he was dubbing the voice for the segment, he probably joked around and said the line, then gave the actual line to be used, and a mix up happened.  My guess, sabotage!  It's the work of some intern that was in the production studio and pieced it together.  Trying to get our man Mr. Big Ass Tow Truck fired so he can sleaze in and take his job!  BETRAYAL!

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