Recalls in Texas aren't an uncommon thing. We normally hear about our cars needing a recall for something like a faulty airbag or something along those lines.

Other times, it is a recall due to some sort of defective toy that could potentially blow up in your living room, which I usually then just take out to the trash as far away from the house as I can get.

The other type of recall we tend to hear about are food recalls. Normally, it's related to some sort of meat though, never forget mad cow disease.

This particular recall though is super scary as these things are such a common item purchased at grocery stores, and most commonly consumed by our kids as a "healthy snack".

The Quaker Oats Company has recalled over 40 different items they produce because they have the potential to carry salmonella.

Salmonella is a bacterial infection that affects your intestinal tract and can cause things such as diarrhea, fever, and some stomach cramps. In some cases, the symptoms may not show at all. It can also cause severe dehydration which requires medical attention.

Looking over the list of products that are being recalled (which you can find here), some of their most popular products are found on the list.

Items such as the Quaker Chewy Bars, essentially all different flavors of them, as well as several variations of their granola cereals will be found on this list, and most likely in your household if it's a product you purchase.

The key is to check the best before date. Not ALL of them have been recalled, but the majority of them will have a best before date of August 2nd through the 24th, and earlier as well. Again, the full list of dates for each product is found here.

As of right now, no confirmed illnesses have been reported to Quaker.

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