I love Amarillo's little quirks and nuances in our culture.

One of my things about our culture is the way we respond to new restaurants. One a new joint comes to town all the locals flood the establishment for around 2-3 weeks to test it out.

However, the true test is if we go back after that 2-3 week window. If we deem them worthy Amarillo can keep a restaurant in business for the next 50 years!

It was clear that Raising Cane's past our test quickly when they opened their first location in Amarillo in 2017.

I mean come on, look at that Cane's Sauce! It makes me want some now.

To meet the demand and to serve our community at a higher level Raising Cane's is proud to announce that they will be opening a new location in Amarillo in mid-February.

Their new store will be located on South Georgia Street and will have the same operating hours as the Coulter location.

Join 96.9 Kiss FM for their grand opening on February 16th! Kiss will be live from 11a-1p! More details coming soon.

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