The students are revolting! Not something you typically hear except for maybe in a movie or TV show. You imagine students running through the halls screaming for change, and while this isn't THAT extreme, it's kind of the same concept.

What exactly is causing the pushback and "revolting"? Let's head over to Randall High School to find out.

As you know, voting was held on Saturday for many positions such as Mayor, city council, and school board positions. One of those positions that were being voted for was to be a member of the Canyon ISD school board, and the winner of one of those slots caused a major uproar within Randall High School.

Paul Blake ran unopposed on Saturday and was re-elected to his post on the board. However, this didn't sit well with not only the students but the school board president as well. The students of Randall High have started a petition to have Blake removed from his post.

So what's the uproar all about? It all started last month when Blake made some disparaging comments during a candidate forum in regard to LBGTQ+ students. He called it "perverse, degenerate, demonic," which didn't sit well with a lot of the students at the school.

On the @randallstudents TikTok account, a post was made with the comment "It is unbelievable to think someone like this is on our school board" and added the video of Blake's comments towards the LGBTQ+ community and how he felt about it.

Blake's exact words were, "perverse, degenerate, demonic thing that's from the devil."

On Monday, Bill Jenkins, the school board president, called for Blake's immediate resignation. No word on what his next steps would be if Blake weren't to step down.

Things get worse for Blake as he's currently facing a federal lawsuit wrapped around his comments, and furthermore, the church that hosted the forum could be investigated by the IRS as it is a 501c3 organization. Anyone that holds that 501c3 designation, tax-exempt if you don't know what 501c3 means, is prohibited from endorsing candidates or making campaign contributions.

More to come as info becomes available.

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