As if we haven't had enough issues in the country lately, we got a bit of a scare this morning right here in Amarillo.

You know that whole, "don't leave your baggage unattended" rule at the airport? Well, this would be why.

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Earlier this morning, June 8, there was a suitcase found in the parking garage at Rick Husband International Airport. Anytime baggage is just left laying around, it raises some eyebrows.

The suitcase was found around 4 am and was taken by TSA for inspection. This immediately closed the parking structure for a couple of hours.

TSA ended up testing the suitcase and they stated to Amarillo Police that it indeed tested positive for explosive materials.

Now before we go any further, we need to keep in mind that a LOT of different things can test positive as an explosive material. That's why there is some household, everyday type of items that aren't allowed on an airplane.

Things such as fireworks, etc. are givens because yeah, they explode. There's also items like aerosols that aren't allowed to be brought on a plane. It's quite possible that a suitcase can test positive for these "explosive materials" if say you stored some fireworks in a suitcase. Not sure why you would, but I've seen stranger things.

Amarillo Police bomb squad showed up at the airport to check the suitcase by robot. Turns out, the suitcase was completely empty and had nothing in it. No explosive materials, no clothes, nothing.

A false alarm but enough to give pause to what COULD'VE been had there been something in there. If you don't want your suitcase anymore, just wait until you get home then trash it would ya?

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