It's time to cast your vote on some shiny new music on 96.9 KISS-FMRate The Music!  Let your voice be heard!  You vote counts here more than it does when you're voting for the president!  So let us know your favs, and your not so favs!  We're breaking out the new Daft Punk, which is exciting because it's been FOREVER since we've heard from them!  We just might blow your mind when you hear the new mash-up/remix from Florida Georgia Line & Nelly!  New Kendrick Lamar hits your radio, and wrap it up with a new artist to the KISS-FM play-list, Emblem3!  You ready to Rate The Music?

Starting off with the new Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams, Get Lucky.  It's so retro that you can't not love it!  But hey, that's just my opinion, what's yours?

Now that you've heard some retro sounding music, it's time for some crap music!  The title is very misleading!  Country + Rap = Crap!  But dude, this new Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly - Cruise, will be THE SONG of the summer!  Give this one a chance and prepare to have your mind blown!  And let me know please!  Does this one just hit it with you, or do you think it's stupid?

Here's one all Kendrick Lamar fans are going to probably love!  New track from Kendrick called B***h, Don't Kill My Vibe.  For sake of the children, we just call it Don't Kill My Vibeon the radio lol.  Come on kids listen!  I got a good, clean and edited version of the song in the video above, give it a listen and let me know if it sizzles or fizzles!

Last, but no means least, it's the new artist to the play-list, Emblem3!  They've got this song called Chloe (You're The One I Want) that's making waves across the nation!  This song is impacting I-Tunes, MTV, radio stations and beyond!  But the question stands, do you like it?  Because if not, we don't need to be playing it!  So take a second and let us know what you think about this song please :)


Thanks for taking time out of your day to Rate The Music!  Your vote really does matter!  And I appreciate the feedback from you guys, we continue to commit to you as the station built by you!