I hope you're wearing diamond earrings, because your ears need to be froze in order to handle this hot new music!  Rate The Music on 96.9 KISS-FM!  We've got the new Alex Clare, Enrique Iglesias featuring Sammy Adams, Wale featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill featuring Drake & Jerimih !

AMEN!  The new single from Meek Mill, featuring Drake & Jerimih!  What do you expect when you go to church?  Preaching and praying, yes, but partying?  Meek Mill releases this song as the lead single off his debut studio album, Dreams & Nightmares, set to hit the shelves and Internet music download sites on October 30th, 2012.  There are many things to thank God for, I guess pretty woman is definitely something to be thankful for!  Now make it light up like a church!


All of the dub-step fans are going to really feel this new track from Alex Clare called Too Close!  Produced by Diplo, Switch & Mike Spencer, the song has already been certified gold as of July 9th, 2012 and it's now sending shock-waves through radio stations across the nation!  With a hypnotizing hook and that familiar dub-step sound you get from the greats like Skrillex, this one has the makings of a huge mainstream hit!  But, we gotta know if you like it!


If you're an Enrique Iglesias fan, and you like the high tempo feel of Sammy Adams, than this one is right up your alley!  Finally Found You has a high energy beat that blends so well with Enrique, who just has that x factor, the dude can sing and has massive appeal!  While Sammy is relatively knew to KISS-FM, as we debuted his track Only One, this collaboration with Enrique is sure to make him a household name!  Music lovers alike, tell us what you think!


Money does seem to be what haunts our thoughts, which isn't a big deal if you have money, but is a pretty big deal if you don't have much of it.  Wale definitely has a Bag O Money, and this song more deals with his "chick looking so good, she looks like a bag of money" rather than "how much money he has".  T-Pain, Meek Mill and Rick Ross make an appearance on this track, and it's definitely a good jam to get those speakers thumping!  Great bass line, great lyrics, great song overall!


I'd like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to Rate the MusicEvery single vote counts, so please get your votes in so we know how you feel about these new songs!  Catch them on your FM dial all week listening to 96.9 KISS-FM!


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