It's time to get your Rate The Music on!  We've got the new music from Taylor Swift slamming your ears!  Also, Rita Ora returns with another great dance track!  Turn those speakers up, and get ready to voice your opinion as we Rate The Music on 96.9 KISS-FM!

You just can't deny the talent of Taylor Swift!  From her first release in 2006, America's Sweetheart has more than proved that she is a real singer/song writer!  Over 22 million albums sold and over 50 million downloads, you just can't argue with that!  As we've heard in many of her songs of the past, the new single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, is a narrative song, dealing with something straight out of her personal life.  That's something that makes Taylor one of the best in the music biz!  The fact that she just puts it all out there on the table for everyone to see!  She doesn't hold back, and she doesn't let things get in her way!  Things like Kanye West snatching the microphone from her at the MTV Music Awards.  She takes her set-backs, and becomes a stronger individual as she reigns off the beaten path!  She's a true role-model for the children of the future, and she deserves credit, and a chance!  Give this new songs a listen, and then please Rate The Music!


The RocNation female singer/song writer, Rita Ora, teams up with Tinie Tempah for another great dance track!  This would be more of a grinding dance track, not such a fast beat as we heard in her debut single, How We Do.  Artists that are "buzz acts" c0me and go, Rita is definitely not a buzz act!  This new song, R.I.P. proves that she's beyond the 1 hit wonder, with the support of her fans, and RocNation, she'll keep releasing great songs for us to play and you to enjoy!

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your busy day to Rate The Music on 96.9 KISS-FM!  I know you guys have got a ton of things going on, so to take the time out of your day and give us your opinions, that means the world to us!  A BIG THANK YOU from the radio station that's built by you!

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