It's new music time once again on KISS-FM and we need you to Rate the Music!  It's your play-list, so do the new songs stay, or go?  We've got a new collaboration from Sean Kingston and T.I. Neon Trees returns with a new song.  Plus, a new artist to KISS-FM, Cher Lloyd, makes her debut!

Starting off with the new Sean Kingston featuring T.I. This song has got it!  Kingston samples a hit song from 1988 called Back to Life by Soul II Soul.  The new single, which features T.I., is titled Back 2 Life, had to put a number in there to be different I guess?  Either way, the song is a hit!  T.I.'s verse in it makes the entire song!  As long as Sean stays away from jet ski's, we'll keep getting good music from him.  Do we Kiss it, or Diss it?


I love the Neon Trees!  They definitely have a sound of their own!  That's a relief in the music world in 2012.  A ton of songs sound the same, and have the same artists on them.  It's nice to have a new song that doesn't feature Lil Wayne on the track!  The new one, Everybody Talks, is a jam!  I love the singer's voice!  It mixes so well with the guitars and drums!  The Neon Trees are a nice break from the normal!  Do we Kiss it, or Diss it?

Cher Lloyd may seem a little familiar to you, as she was a top 5 finalist on the X Factor.  She's an English recording artist, but when she sings, her accent doesn't even begin to matter, you really can't even hear it!  She has a bubbly personality, and her new single, Want U Back, has a great sound to it!  The UGH! that she releases all through the song totally makes it for me!  So what do you think, do we Kiss it, or Diss it?

So there's some new jams for you, if you have some time, hit the polls and give me your opinion!  If you don't like these songs, we gotta know!  Thanks for participating in Rate The Music on 96.9 KISS-FM!


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