'Tis the time for new music on 96.9 KISS-FM!  We're gonna tickle your ear canal with the sounds of the new Trey Songz featuring T.I. and the new jam from Mariah Carey featuring Rick Ross!  Are you ready to Rate The Music?  Let's go!

My sweet and insane MeMe is back!  I love Mariah Carey! Her voice is exactly what the title of this song is, Triumphant!  This duet with Rick Ross is going to put Mariah's name back in everyone's mouth!  And with her becoming a judge on American Idol, the buzz is only going to be that much bigger as she debuts her 14th studio album!  There's no name for the album yet, but that's not a big deal, we got the lead single and it's pure fire!


If you had 2 reasons to listen to this new song, it would be Trey Songz and T.I.!  This is one hell of a collaboration!  2 Reasons has a very unique beat and with the blend of Trey and T.I., this is sure to be one that the ladies and fellas both go crazy over!  Crank those speakers and get an ear full of this new track!

Please take a few seconds and sample each of the new songs, then click your opinion in the polls!  You like?  Are these songs "okay"?  Or do you dislike them?  We gotta know!  This is the station built by you!  So you gotta Rate The Music :)

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