Who's ready to get their beer on?

Our Texas Panhandle Craft Beerfest is right around the corner, happening on August 27th at Netplex and it's gonna be a good one.

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We've got more beer to taste than you can even imagine. I got a hold of the list of brews that'll be on hand to sample, and even I was blown away at the amount to choose from. All those different beers you see at the store and think, "huh, that looks interesting", but you don't want to spend $12 on a six-pack of something you may not like?

Here's your chance to give them a shot. We're talking 60+ different types of beer for you to test out, and it might be closer to 70+ when it's all said and done.

Wondering if your favorite brewer will be on hand with samples? Take a look at the list below of just SOME of the brewers we have coming.

Alaskan Brewing
Athletic Brewing
Big Country Brewing
Bishop Brewing
Coop Ale Works
Deep Ellum
Dogfish Brewing
Firestone Walker
Four Corners
HopFusion Ale Works
Lakewood Brewing
Marble Brewery
New Holland Brewing
Odell Brewing
Pappy Slokum
Red Gap Brewing
Revolver Brewing
Sockdolager Brewing
Texas Ale Project
Topple Turtle

And that's not even everyone coming. Think that's enough to entice you to get your tickets to come out? I think it is. You can get more info, and more importantly your tickets, RIGHT HERE!

It's just $35 to get in, and if you get a chance to sample EVERYTHING being offered, it breaks down to like 40-50 cents per sample at that price. If you wanna get your hands on some rare, exclusive brews, grab a VIP package as there are beers not on the list that only VIPs will get to try. Some of these are very expensive, hard to find beers as well.

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