It doesn't seem like that long ago that Arts in the Sunset in Amarillo was full of local art. There were spaces for learning and creating. Then it all went away.

Today, I stumbled across a social media page titled Project Sunset. The relatively new page had several photos of a now abandoned Arts in the Sunset, and a video that shows people leaving with paintings in-hand while Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" plays in the background.

There are also photos of renovations taking place at the Sunset.

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According to the Arts in the Sunset website, the Amarillo Art Institute and the Crouch Foundation have teamed up to breathe new life into Arts in the Sunset. They're redesigning and renovating the space.

The most recent post was yesterday (7/13/21) of "more progress" being made on the project.

The renovations will provide a lot for artists and the community. There will be an outdoor space, event spaces, artist studios, an exhibition space, and the Amarillo Art Institute.

You can follow this link for more info and to see the design of the renovated Arts in the Sunset.

One of the first things I attended when I moved to Amarillo was the art walk that was held at Arts in the Sunset. The big draw was that it was a free way to kill a couple of hours. I wound up thoroughly enjoying myself. There was live music and a wide variety of works to check out.

This is great news for the arts community, and for the city. We have an incredibly talented arts community in Amarillo. It's nice to see Arts in the Sunset will one day soon be giving them a space, again.

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