This week the US lost some amazing men due to wild fires.  As the country mourns the loss of these fine young men, here is a tribute to remember them.

Firefighters are the silent heroes.  We, as a country, tend to overlook them until they come to the rescue.  These men put their lives on the line for people they do not even know.  These men go to work day in and day out knowing that today could be their last day.

While they are trained and know all the right things to do, fire is unpredictable and situations can change in an instant.  For 19 brave men, their lives ended too quickly.

On Sunday, all but one of the Prescott-based hotshots died when a wind-whipped wildfire overran them.  This fire resulted in the biggest loss of firefighters due to a wildfire in 80 years.  And the US hasn't seen such a huge loss of firefighters since 9/11.

These men were fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and friends.  They each devoted their lives to saving others and in turn lost their lives.  Most of these men dreamed about this job since childhood.

Today take a few minutes and watch this tribute that an Arizona news station ABC 15 has put together and remember these 19 brave men who lost their lives to help others.

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