Last month Rick Dyer who claims to have shot and killed a "Bigfoot" back in 2012 came to Amarillo to reveal the corpse. Many people were very skeptical and excited to see if this was the REAL Bigfoot he shot and killed. On Rick's visit to Amarillo the Kiss crew got to see first hand of this so-called Bigfoot. All we seen was a corpse locked up in a glass box with NO FEET!

Dallas Chambers asked some very good questions to see if we can crack his story and call his bluff. Lots of people went to PAY to see if this was a REAL Bigfoot after hearing his story on the radio. After Rick's visit to Amarillo he continued his tour making a lot of money and claiming that the DNA test was going to be released soon and he was going to shock the world. Well that he did, today he released a video on YouTube admitting the REAL truth that EVERYTHING was just a HOAX!


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