The government of Rio de Janeiro state  really cares about their people because they be giving out more than three million condoms free of charge during Brazil's biggest party of the year "Carnival" that begins Friday.

This campaign aims to prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, particularly among the young. What a great idea wish we can use that concept here in Amarillo or better yet in Lubbock, Texas because I hear there STD rate is way higher then ours.

At Rio de Janeiro big festival Carnival condoms will be handed out to revelers who will be watching the dazzling parades of leading samba schools Sunday night and Monday night as well as those who attend the various dancing-and-drinking street parties across the city.

State officials will also distribute 55,000 condom cases and 160,000 leaflets with information on how to prevent STDs. What a great idea!

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