Most conversations about authentic Asian food include the disclaimer, “you have to go to the Boulevard to find the good stuff,” but at the Northwest corner of 34th and Georgia sits the answer to Central and Southwest Amarillo's need for authentic Southeast Asian cuisine.

Sabaidee is family-owned and operated; while one owner cooks, the other waits tables, keeps the restaurant spotlessly clean, and cashes out customers, all with a smile on his face and a friendly conversation. If you go to this restaurant more than once, chances are you’ll be remembered and cheerfully welcomed back, and if you become anything close to a regular customer, prepare to be asked if you want “the usual.”

The atmosphere in the restaurant is bright, open, and calm, which allows for easier conversation and a relaxed, enjoyable eating experience.

Starters include fresh sticky rice and tender beef jerky (their tomato dipping sauce is so popular, they sell it in bulk on request, along with any of their other sauces), chicken or pork satay (grilled meat skewers with a savory peanut dipping sauce), or classic summer favorites, fresh cold summer rolls.

If you’re feeling adventurous for your main dish, try their Egg Fuy Yung, a customer favorite consisting of a meat and vegetable omelet smothered in a rich, savory sauce. But their Pad Thai is one of my favorites in town, perfectly balanced sweet, spicy, and sour, with portions that guarantee shareability or lunch the next day.

For something that feels a bit more like comfort food, check out their Pho (savory rice noodle soup with your choice of meat and topped with fresh lime, cilantro, and bean sprouts) or a simple, delicious classic like the Banker Special (chicken stir fry with veggies and egg).

If you saved room for dessert, do yourself a favor and order a plate of mango and sweet sticky rice—trust me.

One more thing Sabaidee boasts which not many restaurants in our area can is the option for nearly every dish to be made not just vegetarian, but vegan. They’ll even replace the fish sauce used to season their dishes with a vegan-friendly option!

Sabaidee’s hours are Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and they offer delivery through the company Amarillo Dine-In Delivery! Be sure to treat yourself today to affordable, delicious, authentic Asian cuisine right in the middle of Amarillo!

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