They are all around us every day and every minute, Amarillo’s first responders. On the job protecting and taking care of all of us with honor and care. Amarillo Fire, Police and EMT's doing what they do day in and day out at all hours of the day, rushing to the scene no matter what the situation.

Schlotzsky’s of Amarillo wants to recognize these brave women and men with a complimentary meal Tuesday April 14. Uniformed first responders are encouraged to stop in and enjoy any of their menu items on the house.

It’s Schlotzsky’s way of saying thank you for your selfless services and impactful contribution to our community, and we look forward to seeing our hero’s soon.

 Visit any three Amarillo Schlotzsky’s locations:

Puckett Plaza, SW 34th (pictured)

Wellington Square, S Kentucky Street

1612 Ross Street

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