You may have seen the story about cops posing as panhandlers to catch people using their cell phones while driving. But have you heard about the officers who are donning bunny costumes to nab motorists who aren’t buckled up?

So, what in the name of Easter is going on?

In West Palm Beach, Fla., some morning rush hour drivers recently saw a giant white Easter bunny brandishing a neon pink sign that read, “Have a safe, hoppy holiday. Buckle up!”

It seemed cute enough, and many of the passing motorists waved, with one even offering the costumed man $20, thinking he was homeless. But this was no stunt to pull in soup money — dubbed Operation Hippity Hop, it was set up by the local police department to catch drivers who weren’t wearing their law-mandated seat belts.

If Officer Bunny (that’s what we’re calling him) spotted such an infraction, he let his colleagues parked down the road know about it, and those cops then issued tickets to the unsuspecting drivers, about 50 in all.

No word on what the poor guy in the costume did to deserve the gig, but we’re betting his fellow officers have teased him mercilessly and given him nicknames far worse than ours.

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