The Bachelor is always trying to find the best fit for the show. Recently The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, stated that the show has approached NFL star Tim Tebow to star on the next installment of the series. While Tebow said no, I came up with a list of celebrities that would make the show awesome.

Although celebrities would never agree to do this reality show, here are a few that would make great Bachelors. Some of these guys are funny, some not so much but they are all interesting. If you could pick the next bachelor, who would you pick?

  • Seth MacFarlane

    I think it would be absolutely hilarious if Seth MacFarlane was the next Bachelor. The show is a joke and having someone as funny as he is as the bachelor, I'm sure it would be a home run.
  • Kanye West

    With his attitude and craziness, Kanye West would make a great bachelor. I think that he would keep viewers just because they would want to hear the next thing he has to say. Drama.
  • Jonah Hill

    Now Jonah Hill looks like he has the potential to be a douche bag and funny. This would make the perfect bachelor. And he isn't the best looking in Hollywood so it would make it even more interesting to see all those gold diggers trying to get their hooks in.
  • James Franco

    I could totally see James Franco as the next bachelor. He is so weird that you will not know what is coming next. He might even join one of the women in one of his evening gowns.
  • Wilmer Valderrama

    Lastly, I think Wilmer Valderrama would be great on the bachelor just for the fact that he has a reputation as a womanizer. He has dated many women and doesn't seem to be settling down anytime soon.