Cash in those frequent flier miles, boys, and book your flight to Bogota. A new survey from has found that Columbia is home to the sexiest women in the world.

Because we know you want to, go ahead and insert your Sophia Vergara/Shakira joke here. Good, now let’s continue.

You don’t have to travel too far around South America to find some more hotties, either. Brazil came in second place on the list of sexiest nationalities, while Americans took third. It’s good to see Gwyneth Paltrow doing her patriotic duty.

Equal rights being equal rights, the survey also asked women to vote for the sexiest nationalities among men. Britain – home of the country that’s inspired legions of bad teeth jokes – took first. Britain! Is Hugh Grant still that attractive? Is this 1999? How did this happen?

America could only muster a fifth-place showing, which really just goes to show that for every Ryan Gosling women are holding Carrot Top against us. Thanks a lot, pal.

More than 13,000 single American men voted for the women in the survey, while nearly 31,000 single American women cast votes for the men. What does that mean? Nothing, really, except that those 13,000 dudes should stop wasting time voting in silly polls and try to get in touch with the nearly 31,000 unattached ladies. You gotta like the odds.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women

1. Colombian
2. Brazilian
3. American
4. Spanish
5. Russian
6. Dutch
7. French
8. Bulgarian
9. Swedish
10. Italian

Sexiest Nationalities for Men

1. British
2. Irish
3. Brazilian
4. Swedish
5. American
6. Spanish
7. Scottish
8. French
9. Greek
10. Puerto Rican

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