We have some of the best high schools here in our area. They give us a lot to be proud of. We are about to start football season and I know there are a lot of us looking forward to heading out to the stadium.

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Not only are our high school teams suited up and ready to play. We have a lot of other high school spirit just waiting. We have the cheerleaders giving it their all. Oh, and don't forget the band. It is not a game without the sounds of the band.

The band has been at it for a while now. We may have just started school but they have had camps and practice. Oh, and a few schools use this time in the early school year to start some fundraising.

One of the traditions that have been around for a while is the good ol' March-a-Thon. I remember growing up in Canyon and since it is a small town the whole community got involved.

Last weekend was the joy that was Canyon's March-a-Thon. Oh, and social media took notice. My favorite post was from someone who obviously just moved into Canyon.

Alexis Stamm
Alexis Stamm

It's just not Canyon without them showing their Eagle pride. It's always been a cool thing.

Now they are not the only schools that partake in this school spirit. Amarillo High has its own March-a-thon. The only problem is Amarillo of course is a bigger city so they only get around the school neighborhood. So that is a bummer.

Amarillo High School Sandie Band
Amarillo High School Sandie Band

New this year was Randall High taking part with their first ever March-a-thon. They figured they can't let Canyon and Amarillo High have all the fun.

Here is to another year of school spirit here in the Texas Panhandle.

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