Hereford,TX mourns the loss of Hereford High teen, Joshua Ramirez, who died in a very unlikely manner, by being struck with a discus while warming up for a track meet.  A shocking and sad story that definitely struck a chord with me, please keep the family and friends in your thoughts and prayers!

The story comes as a shock to the entire area.  Hereford ISD says the trainers followed state injury protocol after the student was struck by the discus on March 8th at the track meet in Plainview, TX.

News Channel 10 reports:

Ramirez went to Hereford Regional Medical Center two days later, and was sent home and told to return Wednesday, March 13. That night, he was transported to the intensive care unit in an Amarillo hospital, then died Sunday March 17.

Hereford track coaches told NewsChannel 10 the discus may have split a muscle, releasing toxins into his body when he stretched, but they didn't and couldn't have known that at the time.

The Ramirez family says doctors aren't exactly sure what happened just yet, but what is certain is that he will be sorely missed.

"It hurts, but I know he's in a better place," said Ramirez's father Monday.

Joshua was described by his friends as "loving, caring and humble", "a dedicated musician and long-distance runner, and a friend".  Joshua had many talents, from running like the wind at track meets, to playing the guitar, drums, piano and many other musical instruments.  He was one of those people that when he did something, he put his entire heart and soul into it.

News Channel 10:

Hundreds of people gathered Monday to release red balloons to honor Ramirez. His teammates showed up donning his initials and his favorite color. The gesture was no surprise to members of the Church of God of the First Born, where Ramirez's father is the pastor.

There will be a visitation from 6p to 8p today, and the funeral is scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday, March 21st).  Both events will be at the Church of God of the First Born at 207 E. 6th Ave. in Hereford.



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