Dude!  Even though there is a happy ending to this story, it still just disturbs the hell out of me!  Seriously, if you can't take care of a baby, you need to stop participating in the act of making babies! FOR REAL!  We're supposed to be evolved, not animals!  This story just makes me want to hunt the parents down and punch them square in the nose 3 ways; hard, fast & repeatedly!  This graphic, yet stunning video footage, shows firefighters in Jinhua, China rescuing a live, newborn baby that was in the sewage pipes of a residential building.

See the video footage below.  **WARNING, some viewers may find the video of the baby being rescued disturbing, watch at your own risk, the good part is, the baby is alive!**

"CNN reports that local firefighters responded to calls from tenants of a residential building who said they heard a baby crying in a toilet on the fourth floor.

As seen in video from the rescue, firefighters detached the portion of the sewage pipe where the infant was lodged, then proceeded to pry out the still crying baby after using pliers, a saw and other tools to break the pipe wall.

CNN reports that the rescue operation took almost an hour and the infant is in stable condition. No one has come forward to claim the child, and CNN reports that police are looking for the parents.

Jinhua is in China’s eastern Zhejiang province and has a population close to 5 million. The rescued infant was a boy, and some commentators have speculated that the terrible actions committed by whoever put him in the sewage pipe could have been connected to China’s one-child policy."

Some people can be so cruel and mean and I just can not understand it.  Maybe this is hitting my heart so hard because I'm an expecting father and it tears me apart to think people do this, because I can't even begin to imagine it or even fathom it for that matter!

I hope the Chinese government finds the parents of the baby, and flushes them down the toilet so they can truly understand what they put an innocent child through!  No baby, NO BABY, deserves this kind of treatment!  The parents that did it, deserve it 3 times fold!