I was talking to some kids at the flea-market and we were talking about how it's mandated in their school hand book that they MUST be clean-shaven before they go to school! They told me if they went to school with facial hair that they would have the option to be sent home or the can use a shaver provided by the school to shave.When I heard this I was shocked that this is an actual rule at some schools here in Texas. What is the purpose of this rule. After talking to some kids off of the request line I've learned that the schools that implement this rule in their school handbook is only for students only. How unfair is that! Crazy- Larry attended a private school in Clovis, New Mexico where they had the same rule. There was no facial hair allowed. Why are teachers allowed to wear mustaches and beards but students can't. Again makes no sense! But who am i just a Dj here in Amarillo voicing my opinion. Why don't schools worry more about teacher/student relationships then kids going to school with facial hair!


Do you think this is a fair rule at some schools?

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