OMG! There are petitions going around in Texas and Florida requesting that school districts give elementary school students the day off from academics after a night of trick or treating.

This is just crazy. However, some teachers believe this is actually a great idea. Students are hopped up on sweets and their sugar high is counterproductive to education. I can agree with some of what has been published about this, in an adult perspective. Kids should not have the day after asking for free candy off from school, adults however should have days off after dealing with kids asking for free candy.

Okay cute costume, but Kit Kat bars are expensive for 300 hooligan kids coming around and demanding candy, and if they don’t get what they will force their ghostly and witchy opinions right back at you.

I’m not a fan of trick or treating, I had to go as a kid to accompany my younger sister Jennifer. I rarely eat candy or sweets so I never took any even as an 8-year-old. I actually liked the raisins and popcorn balls.

How about a Halloween for adults where we ring bells and knock on doors for a Wine or Booze-aween, now that’s a treat, hmmm now that is an idea. If there were a petition for the day off after that occasion, I would sign that.

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