I stopped Trick or Treating when I was eight. I never really thought it was that much fun anyway. I totally stopped dressing up for Halloween when I was seventeen. I wore my father’s tuxedo, slicked my hair and went as a vampire with blood on my face.

Some states have actually made it illegal for anyone over twelve or past seventh grade to trick or treat. I think that is a bit extreme, but I think it could be a safety issue as well.

When I lived in Atlanta, we had kids in their late teens showing up with pillow bags trying to cash in on candy. Much of them didn’t even wear costumes.

The state of Virginia has enforced trick or treating laws, some of the strictest in the country.

Children over twelve can face up to six months in jail and fined for trick or treating.

I think that is a bit ridiculous. If you want to curb trick or treating at your house for the older kids, just print a sign saying:


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