TLC's new reality dating show "Undressed" recently asked 1,500 singles about the do's and don'ts of dating. 

  • Singles say men should be the first to text after a successful date and that women should respond within 15 minutes of receiving that text.
  • Singles say it is okay to go for a first kiss after two dates.
  • Singles say it is okay to send a Facebook friend request after 3 dates.
  • Singles say it is okay to spend the night after 4 dates.
  • Singles say it is okay to introduce your partner to your friends after 5 dates
  • 50% of singles look up a potential date before meeting them in person.
  • 15% of people have canceled a date after seeing something on social media they didn't like
  • 10% of people would cancel a date with someone if they talked too much about themselves in text messages

Hopefully, this helps you out in navigating the murky waters of dating!

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