Things proved to be less than palatable for Smash Mouth fans at the Taste of Fort Collins festival in Fort Collins, Colorado on Sunday (June 14).

According to The Coloradoan, festival-goers — who were treated to free loaves of bread as part of the event — tossed a few pieces at singer Steve Harwell toward the tail end of Smash Mouth's set. To put it lightly, Harwell didn't take too kindly to the gesture (maybe he's an Atkins man...?) and proceeded to hurl a few choice words right back.

"I will tell you right now, I will beat the f--- out of you," he shouted into the crowd amid a flurry of equally colorful obscenities and threats (you can hear them all for yourself in the clip above). When the "All Star" singer felt like his words weren't properly resonating, he left his post at his mic to face down the perp. Harwell was ultimately restrained by security guards, who kept the singer a safe distance from festival patrons.

Ultimately, Harwell left the show before the encore.

Naturally, the tirade made for some great Twitter fodder in the hours that followed. "If Steve Harwell had got his hands on that guy he could've been in a loaf or death situation," @MikeCorruption wrote, while @AllisonHawn noted "Well after that Smash Mouth performance, I guess that Steve Harwell might as well be walkin' on the sun..."

Listen to the (heavily bleeped) video above, and remember, when it comes to hurling something at a stage, tomatoes are king!

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