If you're looking to take on some haunted houses over the weekend, you should definitely put this one on your list.

Van Buren Frightmare., which is inside the AAYC building, has been haunted with lingering spirits for years. This year they have taken things up a level to give you some terrifying scares. This year's Van Buren "Enchanted Nightmares" gives you 15 different rooms with nightmares that you would never want to have.

They are open every weekend from 7pm to midnight for the month of October. Van Buren Frightmare is located at 814 S. Van Buren. Listen to The Hacker Morning Show to win free tickets. For more information about Van Buren Frightmare, check out their website at fearmarillo.com. If you think you can handle the frightmares at Van Buren, we dare you to check it out...

Thanks to Creative Cannon and Deagle Media for your video work!

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