Don't miss the "ring of fire" in the sky in what is truly an amazing and once in a lifetime experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.  On May 9th and 10th of 2013, you can check out a really cool event known as a solar eclipse.  So, when and where can you see it?

Well it doesn't look like anywhere that's beneficial to us, according to Planet Save's website, we're pretty much screwed on seeing it.

A annular solar eclipse, also known as a ring of fire eclipse, will be occurring on Thursday/Friday. The eclipse will enter visibility on Friday morning May 10th local time. The eclipse will be visible to those throughout much of Australia, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, eastern Indonesia, Hawaii, and the Philippines.

The actual ring of fire eclipse will only be visible to those along the narrow path of annularity though, the rest will see a partial eclipse instead. That path stretches from Western Australia (at about 6:30am), through Northern Australia (8:45am), to Papua New Guinea (9am), then to the Solomon Islands (10:15am), and lastly over Kiribati. Everywhere else will be a partial show (which are still awesome). Along that path, the “ring of fire” should last for about 3-5 minutes.

So that sucks, it's either happening way to early in the morning, or on a completely different hemisphere of the planet!  It's an annual, which happened almost exactly a year apart this year.  We didn't even get to see the one last year!  I'm not taking no trip to Hawaii just to see a solar eclipse, if I was rich then hell yeah I would, but for now I'll just wait for the videos to hit on Youtube.  Boo on this solar eclipse and it's limited visibility!  It says we'll get a "partial view", I'll be the judge on whether or not those are "still awesome" for myself.  The fact is, I don't know crap about this stuff, so you're way better off getting information from people that do at the button below.

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