Should the Super Bowl be a National Holiday like Christmas or Easter?

72% of HR Managers believe think the Monday after The Super Bowl should be a PAID day off.

According to this survey. Each of these HR Managers was given a list of 6 events that should be a national event.

72% said they think The Superbowl should be a holiday. Coming in second with only 5% of the vote was the NBA Finals. 2% said the Oscars... Another 2% said Stanley Cups finals... and just 1% said the World Series. 17% of the HR directors said none of these should be a holiday.

These HR Managers know that the big game does play a big part of their employees workday the Monday after. 32% of employees show up late the next day. 27% call in sick. Maybe too many.... wings.

On the average, employees will waste at least 27 minutes talking about the big game the Monday after.



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