March 1st is a pretty eventful day. If you happen to be born on this date, you share a birthday with Justin Bieber, Kesha (or is it Ke$ha? Lord help me), director Ron Howard, and Zach Morris himself, Mark Paul Gosselaar (the teen dreamboat turns 47).

Birthdays aside, it's also National Absinthe Day (whooo boy), Multiple Personality Day, National Dress in Blue Day (don't mind if I do), National Speech and Debate Education Day (let's argue, bub) and finally....

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Drum roll pease.

Friday, March 5th is National Employee Appreciation Day. Yes. Yes. But for some strange reason, we don't have a federal or state holiday to, you know....appreciate all the employees out there. But hang on... I'll come back to this part, bear with me!

I did a little poking around on this, y'all. Employee Appreciation Day was started up by Bob Nelson and--who knew this? There was actually a whole association with a mission to create a holiday that appreciates employees. You'll love what it was called... yep, you guessed it: the National Association for Employee Recognition.

The premise was simple. Being the boss is great and all but anyone who is in a management position can tell you that putting together a team of good employees isn't always an easy task. A smart and competent employer will be aware that success can be found by caring for good employees and providing them with tools and resources to perform.

Then you've got the type of boss who is the average working American's worst nightmare....this guy:

So, where does having the day off for Employee Appreciation Day factor into all of this? Excellent question. For starters, as an employee myself... I'd like to get that association up and going again and push for having the day off.

Who wouldn't? I know you sure do.

What better way to carry on the memory of our hero, Bob Nelson, by combining our forces? I propose that all of us employees should come together and write disgruntled blogs about having the day off for Employee Appreciation Day.

Until then, just know that I truly appreciate each and every employee out there.

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