Why do people suck so much? In the "come on Amarillo, you can do better" file this one is something that just makes me mad. You don't mess with someone's tips. They work hard for this money.

Tips are a part of a lot of local businesses' way to stay afloat. Sometimes they use that money to get by. Sometimes that money has a special purpose. So don't steal from them.

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That is exactly what someone did to the Hotdog Shack Food Truck. They keep out a tip jar like most trucks do. They have a special purpose for that money year after year. They are a small locally owned money and they count on that money to make kids happy.

Stop Stealing From Our Neighbors

Three of those kids are their own. That money from the tip jars is saved up all year long to go and help give their kids a Christmas. That is not all. They also adopt kids off the Angel Tree and buy them a Christmas too.

Just Stop Stealing

So when you steal from that you really are a grinch. That is what happened the other night. For whatever reason, someone took it upon themselves to steal from a local business.

From the Hotdog Shack's Facebook post:

Wow we can’t believe it… today our tip jar was taken… someone stole our tip jar out of our trailer while working. All we found was the lid and $2….Let me tell you a little something about our tip jar. Our food trailer is a family owned business… A very small one at that. The whole year we work we save all of our tips and buy our kids Christmas presents from your tips you leave us. We have 3 kids in our family and we use it to buy them Christmas gifts and then some for Angel tree kiddos. We really can’t understand why people would take from a small business but it happens and it’s just pretty disappointing to loose faith in people. So to our other friends in the food truck business… watch your tip jar.

If you visit their food truck anytime soon show them that Amarillo is not like this. Help them out. If you are the ones who stole this tip jar make it right. Don't be that person.

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