So as we are getting closer to the start of May and events coming back in full force it seems we need to fill up that calendar. Things are about to get hectic so the sooner we can make plans the better.

We don't want to miss out on anything. After a year of nothing we want to fill up that calendar as much as we possibly can. That is why this is a fun event to put on that calendar and bring our family and friends out to enjoy. We need to head out to 6th Street. Other wise known as Route 66 here in Amarillo. They have a day planned for you. Mark it on your calendar for May 8th.

Route 66 has one amazing day full of fun for all of our visitors and locals on Saturday May 8 from 10 -5!!! A simple purchase of our $10 Canvas Travel Amarillo's Route 66 Adventure Bag guarantees you 13 gifts and 3 chances to win an overnight stay at the Cactus Inn in McLean, TX and breakfast the next morning at the Chuck Wagon! Top of Texas Pro Wrestling will be giving FREE match exhibitions all day, Raffle Tickets are being sold for other GREAT Items!! Drawings will be held on May 8 after 5pm.

If shopping, winning, free stuff at many stores and wrestling is not enough don't worry. We have more to add to the list. How about a cool Classic Car Cruise for you and your family to check out? That will start around dusk. So this is turning out to be a full day of fun.

Of course there will also be food trucks to enjoy and make sure you check out the Kids Korner. There will be vendors up and down the area and many items for sale during the sidewalk sale. This is shaping up to be a can't miss fun family day.

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