If you've ever been to Lemongrass in Amarillo, you know about the pho challenge. Someone has actually beaten it. That someone is none other than Raina Huang.

In case you forgot, Raina is the one who was recently in town taking on the YOLO's Food Truck. Here's a recap of her dominating the YOLO's Food Truck Breakfast Food Challenge. It looks like that's not the only challenge she took on while in town.

Lemongrass is one of my favorite spots to go to for sushi in town. The staff is always nice. The food is always good; and you're always greeted by that massive sign advertising the pho 50/50 challenge.

If you complete the challenge in 50 minutes, you get fifty bucks and a photo on the wall of fame..which is largely empty because the challenge has never been beat.

The pho challenge at Lemongrass has been undefeated for quite some time. Raina, however, downed it in just over 11 minutes. In the video you can hear it mentioned that well over 100 people have tried the challenge, and no one has ever beaten it.

In the video you also hear it said that the amount of pho is about four bowls worth. I have a hard time getting all the way through one most of the time. I can't imagine going through four in less than 15 minutes.

Hats off to Raina for completing both challenges in Amarillo. Watching videos like these make me glad I'm not a restaurant owner.

Sure, you get a lot of people coming in to tame whatever wild beast you cook up in the kitchen; but there's always a YouTube competitive eating celebrity waiting to put it away.

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