Now is about the time where I start waxing poetic about the incoming warm temperatures, and sunny days. Yes, yes, gone is the winter of our discontent and now comes all the loveliness of spring.

Now we can transition into what I really want to talk about: Food trucks.

All these warm weather shenanigans means is that more people will be coming outside to play--especially with Governor Abbot's recent announcement that the state of Texas will be officially and completely reopened and Covid-19 mandates rescinded. Whether or not this is a terrible idea, it means that restaurants and food trucks can finally let down their hair and get back to making a living. And it couldn't have come at a better time; Spring Break is right around the corner.

Controversy aside, the matter of food trucks is at hand. See, if anything, there's been more and more food trucks coming onto the 806 foodie scene, Covid-19 be damned. And they're coming out in full force to serve up their delicious wares. And we've put together a special spring break challenge for you. You've got the month of March to hit each of these wheeled kitchens.

You can do it. We believe in you.

1. Element Craft Barbeque

This new contender on both the bbq and food truck scene is looking pretty solid so far. They recently passed their inspection and have been teasing the crowd like crazy with incredible photos of barbecued meat that you've got to see for yourself. Follow their Facebook to see when they're making their debut.

2. Purple Flamingo Pops

This little funky superstar of a food truck is mandatory for anyone with half a sweet tooth. I mean, have you seen what's on their menu? DELICIOUS. They started out as a teeny little niche dessert place in Wolflin Village that handed out some delicious gourmet pops through a drive-thru window; and now, they've taken their quirky flamingo appeal on four wheels as a food truck.

Their Faecbook and Website already show signs of the wacky summer surprises they've got planned for the crowd and I am here for it.

3. Yolo's Food Truck

I'm a sucker for Yolo's. It's a catchy play on the owner's name (Yolanda, if you didn't already guess) and it's my preferred catchphrase to blurt out when I'm knowingly about to make a questionable and impulsive decision....YOLO. They also demonstrated an unimpeachable sense of humor during the recent freak winter storm that smashed into most of Texas. Also--their food is excellent.

All I'm saying is, if you ain't down for Yolo's, you ain't about this food truck life. Check their Facebook page to see where they'll be next.

4. Fry Daddy J's

Oh my. My, my, my. Fry Daddy J might just make you swoon and sigh. Look at all of that beautiful food. Crab legs. Crawfish. Oh! I think I might just cry.

Look at how beautiful this food is. Lord have mercy.

Watch out for this bad boy of a food truck. They're the new kid on the block, but they've got some serious clout and you'll have to catch them before they sell out. Their Facebook is full of admirers and posted times.

There's your challenge for the month of March. You've been given this food truck challenge, will you take it upon yourself to prove your honor? Go forth and find the food trucks....and for crying out loud, please wear a mask.

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