- No gay man wants to date Howard Stern. This has now been empirically proven. [SeriouslyOMG]

- Jennifer Lawrence thinks she's an "uneducated" person with a "stupid" job. [Amy Grindhouse]

- This 10-year-old doesn't know geography, but hates Justin Bieber and his flat butt anyway. [Jezebel]

- Adam Levine will host 'SNL' because he's totally an actor now too. [Hypable]

- Kristen Stewart mopes around the latest issue of V Magazine, complains about phonies. [Bohomoth]

- Frank Ocean is arrested for pot possession and loses his driver's license, all in one night. [PopCrush]

- Krysten Ritter may star in the film version of mommy porn tripe '50 Shades of Grey.' [IDLYITW]

- Jessica Lange takes 'American Horror Story' to a strange new place with a musical number. [Dlisted]

- Some 'Breaking Bad' news to get you that much closer to the series finale in July. [ScreenCrush]

- Jamie Kennedy produces the worst NYE special of all time with help from a stoned Macy Gray. [Rickey]


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