Last night, I was checking out random YouTube videos of radio personalities across the nation. I'm always looking for new ideas, and I can't think of a better person for inspiration than the #1 all time radio personality, Howard Stern.  That's when I came across a video of him bashing Amarillo Globe News

I was checking out one of his bits and he mentioned Amarillo, Texas, so it really caught my attention!  Apparently, a columnist from the Amarillo Globe News named Dave Henry wrote a story about how Howard Stern was ripping off Jay Leno's material. As it turns out, Howard Stern was in fact the originator of this particular bit, and didn't take to kindly to Dave Henry's assumption. In a broadcast, Howard Stern completely went off about the Amarillo Globe News and Dave Henry's article.  You could say he was PO'd...

Listen to it below!

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