Taylor Swift remains undeterred in her desire to bring legal action against Kanye West, even if she doesn't have a particularly convincing case, according to TMZ.

Swift is reportedly still considering filing a police report against West for recording what she thought was a private telephone conversation between the two, and was released by Kim Kardashian earlier this week (July 17) to prove Swift had, indeed, confirmed the lyrics to West’s controversial track “Famous.”

While Swift initially sent West a cease and desist letter when she first learned the recording existed back in February, she reportedly had no real legal case for a lawsuit. Because the conversation was held over speakerphone — meaning other people in the room, like Rick Rubin who appears on video, could hear the phone call — her case was rendered irrelevant.

But Swift claims she had no clue she was on speaker at the time of the call and believes West committed a felony by keeping her in the dark about it. She says while she recognized she could hear other people around West, she assumed they couldn't hear her, which appears to be the main crux of her argument.

Swift also wants the full phone call to be released to the public to prove her point that West never mentioned anything about the “that bitch” line, which she claims is her main issue with the song, according to Swift’s latest version of events.

The “Bad Blood” singer also says West promised to send her an advanced copy of “Famous,” but she never received one.

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