Do people ever call you crazy for loving Justin Bieber? Well, they might be right...

Psychopaths have to listen to music too, but when they're getting their crazy jam on, what do they listen too? That's the question New York University is hoping to finally answer once and for all, because clearly for them to spend this much time on it, it's a worthy subject.

Often times in movies, crazy folk are portrayed to love classical music for some reason, Hannibal Lecter, for example, loved his classical tunes, but clearly that must have been a mistake on the directors part, because Hannibal should have been a Belieber.

The university tested 200 people for psychopathic traits, and also had them listen to 260 songs. Turns out, a majority of those who scored high on the psychopathy scale also loved Justin Bieber. In particular, his song, "What Do You Mean" really resonated with the crazies, for some reason.

We're not sure exactly what this means, but if the creep who keeps asking you out loves Justin Bieber, take it as a major red flag.

You can check out the full story and find out which other songs/artists psychopaths loved by clicking HERE.

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