The power of the Moon has enchanted the inhabitants of Earth since we gained enough cognizant skills to recognize its appearance. I think these lyrics from Jimmy Buffett's Everlasting Moon sum up how the moon has affected mankind through the ages.

Back when nature ruled the heavens
Oh gypsies, fools, and loons
Were dragged across the ocean
By that everlasting moon

Yes, that Moon will be featured front and center beginning this weekend with what will technically be the first of four supermoons in a row. 

If you're not up on your astronomical vernacular a "supermoon" a full moon that closely coincides with perigee. Since you don't know what "perigee" is let me define that for you too. Perigee is basically the closest point that the moon is in relationship to the Earth during its 28-day orbit around the planet.

So, not only do you get the brightness of the full moon you get the full moon at its closest to Earth. That will mean some spectacular photo opportunities or just simply a great chance to get out and marvel at one of nature's most impressive sites.

The supermoon is at its most impressive while it is low on the horizon. That is when you can really get an idea of the enormity of Earth's satellite. By the way, in addition to Sunday, March 24th you'll be able to view the super moon on April 27th, May 26th, and June the 4th.

Astronomers say the super moon in May might just be the most spectacular one that we will be treated to during this spate of four super moons in a row. You won't need any special equipment to see the super moon. Oh, one more thing, if you live near the water you can count on the tides to be just a little higher than normal during the super moon phase.

Since we've covered the moon for you, how about we check out the stars while we are at it? No, not the heavenly body stars but the stars that shine in the glow of celebrity status. Were you aware that these stars had close ties to Acadiana and Lafayette?

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