Sometimes you need to just get away... like no distractions, look up at the sky and wonder away. and you would think that here in the panhandle that should be easy because there are some areas with miles of nothing. well. yes. that's true and it does get pretty dark out there and there are plenty of stars.

Michael J. Rivera

But with all the small towns you still get a lot of light pollution like you see above, by the way this photo was 15 miles south of Claude off of Highway 207 looking southwest.

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No... you gotta get someplace dark... someplace like this:

Courtesy Oklahoma Parks

Black Mesa State Park is just the place to get away and see the skies as nature had intended them, Dark and full of wonder. I think we all need something like this in our lives at least once. just a moment of sheer honesty that you aren't the center of the universe but rather a small part of a bigger whole. and the possibility that out there there are others looking at us and wondering the same.

For those of you who love stargazing or astrophotography this place is a must. Black Mesa is actually recognized by the International Dark Sky Association for it's unique view

The park also makes for a great day trip, there's more than enough going on there besides just dark skies. You're also at the highest point in Oklahoma at 4973 Feet (and a monument to mark the occasion). with plenty of hiking trails and camping available too if you want to make an event out of it. Come prepared though the nearest supplies are 20 miles out and your phone service may not be so great out there... isn't that the point of alone time?

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