It's social media, not political media.

Whether you're Team Donald or Team Hillary, a new Pew survey of 4,500 Americans on Facebook and Twitter has found that a good number of us don't like seeing people make comments about politics on social media.

Maybe going offline until November 9 isn't the worst idea in the world.

Some of the key findings:

  • 37% are worn out by how many political posts they see
  • 20% like seeing political posts
  • 41% don't have an opinion
  • 59% say they have stressful and frustrating discussions on social media with those people who have different political beliefs than they do
  • 39% have blocked people so they wouldn't have to read their political posts
    84% stand by the statement that "people say things when discussing politics online that they would never say in person"
  • 83% say that when they see political comments they disagree with they ignore them

One thing is certain: we've pretty much had it with this presidential campaign.

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