If you are active on the social platform TikTok, once in a while you might come across someone from your town or you may see a familiar landmark. TikTokers Coy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell, better known as the "CheekyBoyos," have been crisscrossing the country and shooting content in each of the lower 48 states. For their stop in Texas, they shot one of their latest videos right here in Amarillo.

@cheekyboyosComment what we should do next 😭 (State 29/48 - Texas) ##thegreat48♬ original sound - cheekyboyos

Coy and Brian's shared account has 5.3 million followers and over 124.7 million likes. The Amarillo video is current up over 19.4 million likes.

They have dubbed their trip #TheGreat48 and have been shooting videos using suggestions from other TikTok users. In their Texas video, they are in downtown Amarillo and they are challenged to "shotgun a beer in front of a cop." I don't want to spoil what happens, so make sure you watch the video above to see the results for yourself. I would also like to salute the Amarillo Police Department officers that participated and played along with the video. I think both groups had a lot of fun.

Other challenges in other states include trying to get a plunger to stick on the bullseye of a Target store sign, go to Olive Garden and don't say stop on the grated cheese, and go to Subway and keep getting your sandwich over and over again.


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