Traffic Stop On I40 Unveils 26 Pounds Of Marijuana
Amarillo Police officers spotted a Nissan weaving on I40 with New Mexico license plates heading east on I40 near Soncy.  They watched the vehicle and when the driver changed lanes without using a signal, they pulled the vehicle over.  A female was driving and was the only occupant of the vehicle, well besides the 26 pounds of pot she had riding shotgun I guess.
Amarillo – Routine Traffic Stop Leads Officers To Over $300k In Methamphetamines
With Interstate 40 running right through the middle of Amarillo, you can bet your paycheck that there are people smuggling drugs and other things right through our city on a daily basis!  So it's not a shock when Amarillo Police Officers make a routine traffic stop, and it transforms into something much greater than that.  Like finding methamphetamine in a car that's well over $300,000!