Cute Puppy Predicts President
Today is the BIG day we will find out who will be the next President Of The United States. You may have already made your vote or selecting your vote last-minute regardless tonight we will know if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next President.
SOTU Through The Years
President Obama's final State of the Union address took place Tuesday night, so the White House decided it would be the right time to look back on his addresses while in office.
Kanye For President Commercial [VIDEO]
He made the announcement that he was going to run for president and now he's getting prepared for it. Nobody is really taking him serious but his family and now he has came out with his Presidential Campaign commercial. Would you like to see Yeezy as President? I g...
President Obama Was Sent A Letter In The Mail Containing The Poison “Ricin”
The only reason I know what the poison ricin is, is because I've seen every episode of Breaking Bad at least twice, Walt & Jessie used ricin to "off" a few people.  It appears somebody else, only in reality, thinks ricin is a great way to kill someone, namely, the president of the USA, Barack Obama!  He received a letter in the mail that contained the deadly toxin inside of it confir

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