Beerology in Amarillo
If you love beer then you don't want to miss this event.  It's another Discover AfterDark at the Don Harrington Discovery Center.  It's another one of their great adult only events and you don't want to miss it.  Beerology returns and you can learn the science of beer.
Why That Song Is Stuck In Your Head
Everyone has suffered from having the same song stuck in their heads for hours on end. Christmas songs are the worst! You hear one on the radio for two seconds and find yourself singing it all day. Why does this happen? Good news: Scientists are on it...
Attention Science Nerds!
T This is a big weekend for the Don Harrington Discovery Center. Two new exhibits open on Saturday, October 3. Look into Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear or check out Beyond the X-Ray . It's a great way to introduce your guests to this fine Amarillo attraction...
Won't Melt!
Watch as this DJ from Sioux Falls puts a ice cream sandwich on a plate in 80 degree weather for more then a hour and it doesn't melt.

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