Hot Shot Karaoke With Intern Vahid [VIDEO]
This is a friendly game we play on the night-show called Hot Shot Karaoke. The rules are that we give the intern a song to sing karaoke to. If they mess up any part of the song they get zapped...Bam! Check out Vahid doing Karaoke to Bruno Mars "When I was Your Man." Wa...
Subway Performer Covers Sheryl Crow's 'My Favorite Mistake'
I hope you have been enjoying my video featuring different artist I have ran into at the subways of NYC. This artist is from Italy and pulled off a great cover of Sheryl Crow's 'My Favorite Mistake.' Hope you enjoy and again if you ever have a chance to go to the Big Apple definitely …
Lip Sync Friday
This week I challenged the Daybreak crew from Pronews 7 to the "Lip Sync Battle" and boy do I have my hands full.

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