Okay so I really thought I had friends out there but it seems I must really STINK at my own CONTEST... I'm officially now 0-4 that means 0 wins and 4 losses! I know now how some Dallas Cowboys fans feel now of always losing... But this week I think I might have a better chance.

This weeks challenge is with Master Lister Ignite Fighting Championship. Do you really think I'm going to lose to this guy, probably yes!

We have a BIG wager this week if I lose then I will take a round house kick to the head with head gear requested by the Hacker from "The Persian". From what I hear is she has a MEAN kick! But if I win not only will it be my first victory but "The Persian" will have to stand out on a busy intersection of the city and hold up a sign that says "I Love Tommy The Hacker From Kiss Fm!"

Please choose wisely this week. By the way CONGRATS to last weeks winner Stephanie from the Venom...Here's this weeks battle...


Master Lister



Tommy The Hacker



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